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Digital Marketing with Google Ads

Google Ads is a digital marketing tool developed by Google to display advertising on the internet using different types of campaigns. Furthermore, Google Ads increases traffic to your website by targeting your advertising to users who are relevant to your company; achieving goals such as brand recognition, conversions or leads.

Global or Local Ads. With Google Ads you have the option of making your campaigns as segmented or broad as you want.
Target your demographic
Target ads to the audience that meets the characteristics of your target group.
Pay per click
The costs are suitable to your needs. If the campaign has a PPC (Pay Per Click) method of payment, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.
Companies that trust us with their Online Campaigns Strategy

We design and create your Online Campaign

BlueTide is ready to transform your website into a suitable sales channel. From campaign development and optimization to social media remarketing, BlueTide has the solution your website needs to sell.

Google Search Network

  • Advertise to the people that are actively searching for your products and services
  • Save money by advertising to a specific target
  • Measure the results of your promotions directly. It is 100% measurable!
  • Boost SEO score and page ranking

Google Display Network

  • Create brand awareness across thousands or millions of pages online
  • Narrow down your ads to websites related to your industry
  • Create customer segments based on demographics
  • Place ads on YouTube, the second most used search engine in the world.

How do our online campaigns work?

With your goal in mind, BlueTide helps you create and manage the foundation to transform your website into an effective lead and customer generator.

It all starts with a well-made website.
Attract users with a modern design, measure the traffic of your website, and capture the information of your customers.
Building a strong Digital Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing campaigns in Google Ads are optimized to achieve the best performance, ensuring and catching the ideal lead.
Maintain your presence through robust and secure web maintenance.
Companies, promotions, and campaigns change. With BlueTide you have the confidence that your digital campaigns evolved hand in hand with the environment, your company and your brand.

Other Services

Engage Your Target Customers at the Right Time on the Right Platform


Social Media Ads
BlueTide has all the up-to-date knowledge and support necessary to make sure your ad spend investment is spent efficiently.
Social Media Management
Our main focus is to maintain continuous communication with your community, create a solid and recognizable brand concept, enhance a positive digital reputation.
Email Marketing
Can help you increase revenue through the creation of campaigns, automated email flows, audience segmentation and deliverability monitoring.
Search engines are known to value websites that provide quality, we focus on providing quality resulting in highly targeted organic traffic.

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