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Looking for Web Development Talent but Don’t Know Where or How to Start?

January 14, 2022
By Adriana Fernández

Don’t spend more on headhunting, onboarding, or contracting until you read about the software development, digital marketing, and e-commerce services available through nearshoring partners in Latin America.

Yes, partnering with a Nearshore firm could be your safest bet yet to access the trained and qualified personnel your company requires for its evolution into the digital era. Even if you’re still on the fence about any kind of outsourcing, Nearshoring talent and services could solve more problems for your company’s digital presence than you think. But don’t take our word for it. Deloitte (one of the world’s top four consulting firms) recently published research supporting numerous outsourcing benefits that go well beyond cost savings. 

Deloitte’s 2020 study outlined six key reasons why successful companies opt for outsourced work. Such advantages included:

  • Improved quality of work.
  • Solving capacity issues.
  • Access to a larger pool of available talent.
  • Increased focus on core business operations.

You’d be surprised, but cutting costs is no longer the predominant reason to outsource specific jobs. These include web or software development, online marketing, e-commerce, and even digital project management.

Too often, the cheaper option when it comes to more sophisticated goods and services ends up becoming the most expensive one down the line—representing losses in terms of both money and time. Not to mention you then need to hire someone else to do the job correctly. 

Are your company’s resources better allocated on improving its primary line of business (whatever it’s known for) or growing an IT and digital marketing department?

The truth is no company can adequately and efficiently do it all. Even more when dealing with highly specialized types of endeavors or those that tend to evolve and change alongside the advances of technology itself. It’s no secret that even established organizations have human resource teams struggling to keep up with finding and hiring the right candidates for these lines of work. 

They’re all fighting each other for professionals who possess the necessary and latest know-how to deliver desirable results and make for a good fit with your company culture. But you don’t have to.

Here is where Nearshoring comes in. It’s a middle-ground strategy where your company does not have to pick between in-house onshoring (too expensive) and outsourcing (too far). Working with a Nearshore partner allows you to leverage the cost benefits of outsourcing while maintaining the high level of quality and expertise your project requires. You can learn more about the benefits of working with top Nearshore firms like BlueTide in Panama here.

Services worth Nearshoring in Latin America

So you’re probably wondering what types of services are available to you through Nearshoring and if those align with your needs. Manufacturing, of course, has been an ages-old option in lowering production costs through third-party factories. In recent years, though, it’s been IT and Software services that companies have begun outsourcing more often. Moreover, Nearshoring offers far better and more advanced options beyond the stereotypical call centers where customers and agents just grow frustrated via a lost-in-translation customer service experience.

Made to Measure Software Development Headhunting 

High-end software development firms are increasingly offering recruiting services. BlueTide, for instance, is based in Latin America and run by experienced and talented software engineers educated in the U.S.. They’ve successfully trained and hired English-speaking professional web developers from Latin America who can provide high-quality design and coding while employing best industry practices. 

“Think of it as cutting through all the noise of available software development nearshoring partner options in Latam,” said BlueTide’s CEO and Co-Founder Michael Lindo. Their recruitment services can recommend and even supply you with the right talent for your particular project. 

How? BlueTide uses specific know-how filters to ensure that whoever joins your team can deliver your desired results.

Many firms are already working with them to find and select software development coders, project managers, online marketing specialists, and e-commerce specialists. Trained professionals who can skillfully design, plan, and fully execute all of the technical features and business solutions you’ve been looking for from today’s digital environment.

Read more about the underrated reasons, including dollarized pricing, as to why you could be missing out on Nearshoring solutions from Panama here

Website Design & Development Services 

There are certain digital parts to a company that no organization can go without in this day and age. And that’s absolutely true for websites. Not only is a website no longer optional in today’s modern business landscape, but it should be working for you as your automated sales team all day, every day. Your website is critical to reaching and scaling your business goals, building trust among your customers, growing your audience, and converting website visitors into satisfied clients.

So you wouldn’t trust your website development and creation to just anyone. Instead, the right strategy involves working with programmers, user experience designers, and online selling pros. We’re talking experts who can help you optimize your brand image and online sales, from avoiding costly technical mistakes to choosing the best web platform.

BlueTide offers web page design and development in HTML5, WordPress, Drupal, and online sales platforms. They’re the go-to for services ranging from landing pages to full-blown websites, including customized integrations and sales features such as payment processing and data capturing—all of which are needed to make your site work for you. 

Digital Marketing, SEO, and E-Commerce

Regarding e-commerce and online marketing strategies such as obtaining your customer’s details, Nearshoring could also mean you can trust your site’s SEO optimization (customers can easily find you when searching on Google) to specialists in the field. 

Thinking of moving your storefront online? You can also Nearshore the ideation and creation of your digital sales page on e-commerce platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce, enabling more automated marketing and sales operations. 

Working with seasoned store creators on these platforms can solve loads of online sales barriers for digital newcomers. More importantly, saving you all the time, money, and other resources that could potentially be lost moving through a steep learning curve for your in-house teams. You could easily start using all of the digital strategies that translate into more and faster sales for your business. 

Whether you’re looking to add valuable team members to your company in leading your digital transformation effectively or working with a seasoned team who can do it for you, BlueTide can surely point you in the right direction as your Nearshore partner.